Stargazing Live KS2 Lesson Plans - wot I wrote! here

Make an Earth, Sun and Moon model. See worksheet here

Why is it warmer in the summer?

A good explanation of the seasons from NASA. Here

LIVE streaming video from the International Space Station. (Sometimes you can even hear them talking!)


ISS Passes - To find out times you can see the International Space Station over the UK go to

Great resources to help KS2

'Train Like an Astronaut'.


Please select an image.


Superb free planetarium simulation for use online. Here

There's also a downloadable version that's even better. Here

Oscar and the Moth. By Geoff Waring

In which the moth teaches Oscar that the sun only appears to move across the sky. Actually it is the Earth spinning.

A great video montage of the changing seasons from the BBC


Is a blue whale the biggest thing there is?

By Robert E Wells

The best book on space ever! Non-fiction but a very readable format.

The Time and Space of Uncle Albert

By Russell Stannard

A great book introducing UKS2 children to the concepts of relativity

View web cams to learn about night and day and the Earth spinning on its axis.

Times Square New York here

Sydney Harbour, Australia here

New Zealand here

London, Abby Road here

Or find other web cams here

George's Secret Key to the Universe is a great chapter book for UKS2.

By Lucy and Stephen Hawking - Yes, him!

Fourmilab Site

View and customise images of the Moon from the Earth here.

View and customise images of the Earth from space here. - (You can even do the phases of the Earth!)

Instructions on using Fourmilab here

BBC Stargazing Live Videos

Series 2 of Stargazing included some excellent Class Challenge videos aimed at KS2 and the brilliant Little Stargazing series aimed at EYFS but still good at KS1. You can find them all here.

The Moon on a stick video!

This is the best activity for explaining the Phases of the Moon.

BBC Little Stargazing

KS1 and EYFS: Some lovely video clips about space: Click here.

For more Stargazing videos and animations for KS1 and KS2 and animations click here.

Earth in orbit video from PBS. This explains the seasons well. Here

More Books

How to catch a star. By Oliver Jeffers

The way back home. By Oliver Jeffers

There's no place like space. By Dr Seuss

Q Pootle 5. By Nick Butterworth

The Blackest Hole in Space. By Penny Little and Vincent Vigla

A Long Way Away. By Frank Viva

This PHET Simulation is useful for showing the Earth and Moon's orbits. Here


Phases of the Moon Rap

The much loved rap video - Thanks to Mr Hewitt for the tip.

The relative sizes of the planets and stars

The planets of the Solar System rap

Felix Baumgartner's record breaking freefall from the edge of space

1001 Inventions

Mariam "Al-Astrolabiya" Al-Ijliya, the astrolabe maker, features in this great video on Islamic inventions from The Golden Age. This can be used with the Muslim Space Science powerpoint and the writing frame below.

The Storey of Mariam Al-Asturlabiya

Star trails that show the Earth is rotating

Heliocentric and geocentric models of space explained - (identifying scientific evidence)

Papa, please get the moon for me. A story by Eric Carle. - KS1

This is a time lapse film of 24 hours taken from the International Space Station.

Dara O'Biarian on a Zero G flight.

Useful for explaining why astronauts are often weightlessness in space even though there is gravity.

Watch 200 balls and 30 teachers on a zero G flight.

Focussing the sun using a hand lens.

Useful for explain seasons.

Chris Hadfield's Space Oddity video from the ISS

Downloadable Resources