The periodic table in pictures!

Great interactive website with printables too. Here


Learn about materials through recycling. Plenty of great resources at the Recycle for Greater Manchester website here

Solving the plastic problem

What is plastic and how is it made?

This is a great video all teachers should watch.

(Also suitable for UKS2) Click here

Why is plastic a problem?

Click here

Teenager from Turkey creates bioplastic from banana skins

Click here

UK Student wins award for inventing MarinaTex, a bioplastic made from fish waste.

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or here for a video

Other plastic solutions

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Why recycle plastic?

Watch the video

Click here.



How to make your own graphene.

Use only a pencil and sticky tape.

Why it is important? Click here

See the great video below.

KS1 BBC Curious Cat

How different materials are made.

10 minutes programs. Click here

These are also on Class Clips.


Aerogels are a group of exciting new materials. They are incredibly light weight and make great thermal insulators. See photos. Here

Usbourne touchy feely books

are great for exploring properties of materials, especially texture.

A tractor made from cheese!

Click the photo for a larger image.

(This was a promotion by Lidl.)


A car made from cake!

Walking on custard

Its a non-newtonian fluid don't you know.