Sound is designed as a as a classroom management tool but it can be used as a simple way to show the volume of sounds. Here

Peace at Last by Jill Murphy is a lovely book to use with KS1. In the story Mr Bear can't sleep because of all the little sounds he hears in the night.

Clips from the BBC's House of Sound


Horton Hears a Who by Dr Seuss is a great story for starting a discussion about loud and quiet sounds.

Buy it here

This site has a simple online sound level meter that measures in decibels. Here

Richard Hammond's Invisible Worlds

A sound wave that is visible -a shock wave!


Make a Singing Ringing Rod.

Buy aluminium rod from B&Q

Buy violin rosin from a music shop

Follow the instructions - here.

Lovely simple explanations about sound from DK. Here

This 'How Loud is too Loud' bookmark - makes a great display poster. Here

What's that sound? This is a good quiz. Here

A great searchable website of sound clips


Alexander Graham Bell on how his interest in sound led to the invention of the telephone.

Twisted Wave Here

You can record a sound then change the pitch and hear what happens to the speed. The faster the vibrations the higher the pitch. You need a microphone; built in or plugged in.


This video shows the delay between the flash of lightning and the thunder.

This video shows ripples spreading out in water.

Similar to sound waves spreading out and getting smaller (quieter) as they go. Of course sound waves would spread out as a 3D sphere rather than as a 2D circle.

How to defeat a sound weapon.

Good for sound insulators

Downloadable Resources

Sound Assessment Grid

For Year 4 N.C. objectives, based on the SOLO Taxonomy.

What can I hear?

A worksheet for recording sounds that can be heard when listening carefully in the classroom.

Investigating Sounds with Learning Ladder

A sheet for children to write short explanation of how sounds are made after exploring different instruments. Contains a learning ladder to help them structure their explanation.

Ear Trumpet Template

With Horton Hears a Who pictures for colouring. Best enlarged and printed on A3 card.

Measuring Sounds with a Data logger

A worksheet that introduces using data loggers to measure loudness and investigates how sound gets quiet the further you are from the source.