The heart and blood circulation

BBC Class Clips Video


Some great questions (and answers) about humans here

A fun Scratch digestion game here

Some good info on the brain for year 5 and 6. Here

A good animation of the workings of the heart.

The details are a bit much for KS2

but the images are self explanatory


Human Body Interactives from the ASU here

A great site on Darwin and evolution for children.

By Christ's College, Cambridge.


Identification game

Name the bones of the skeleton using simple scientific names. Here

This is great website about food and healthy diet with loads of resources including presentations and activity sheets. There are even healthy recipes for children to try out at home.

This is a great interative human body that covers the digestive system. the circulatory system and the skeleton. Here

Watch Charlie and Lola on YouTube

I will not ever never eat a tomato


Or buy and read the book. Here



A good short video showing muscles working in pairs.

How the human body digests food.

Suitable for KS2. Here