Climate Change

Lesson Ideas

Eco-Schools is a global program helping children make changes in their school to achieve a Green-Flag Award.

Dr Seuss' Lorax
Get a copy here (Second hand of course - cheaper and greener!)
Brilliant story that puts the future firmly in children's hands.
Video from Youtube below.

For links and info on solving the problems of plastic see the Materials page.


Excellent content and explanations from the BBC...

...including a great eco-worrier or eco-warrior activity.

Great site with loads of climate change info and challenges for children plus a great National Geographic poster.

It's not all doom and gloom. There are solutions to climate change.
This is an excellent quiz for adults. The most effective climate change solutions are likely to surprise you!

There's more information about the Drawdown project and detail about all the proposed climate change solutions here.
Carbon Footprint


This great calculator from WWF is simple enough to use with children in KS2 with little support.

This activity from Australia is a great way for children to explore the climate impact of different lifestyles. The game encourages them to think about their future life choices.

Children's books

By Jen Johnson. Click here to buy.

By Oliver Jeffers. Click here to buy.

By Michael Foreman. Click here to buy.